Password Safe for android

The Riddler password safe is the best tool to store and manage your passwords and accounts with your android mobile phone. Used and trusted by more than one hundred thousands of users worldwide. It’s free, just follow the link and install it.

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If you often forget your passwords and are in need of a password recovery tool, The Riddler Password Safe is made for you.
A simple yet powerful password manager for storing passwords. Used by more than 100k users worldwide, available in 10 languages.

The Riddler is incredibly easy to use and it is  completely free without limitations, enjoy it.
All data ( not only passwords ) is encrypted using SHA-256 bit and AES-128 bit encryption algorithms.
Master password is encoded using a one way algorithm, making impossible using a password recovery tools to decrypt your data.


Available in 10 languages, easy, immediate use, no learning curve. Insert edit for each card: category, name, user name, password, website, notes. Ultra fast search function with category and real time updating text filter on name, user name, notes. Password manager with copy to clipboard function.


Protected by main password, encrypted with one way SHA-256 bit encryption algorithm.<br />
Data encryption and decryption with with 128 bit AES algorithm.


Database backup and restore on file. Export decrypted database to text file. Backward compatibility of newer versions.

Available in 10 languages (growing) used by more than 100k users worldwide, The Riddler password safe is mostly appreciated for its ease of use when compared to similar apps, it brings all the features needed in a natural way so the user has nothing to learn and never feels disoriented or out of control.